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About Us

Guatemala Hope is a registered non-profit organization established in 2000. We are dedicated to improving the quality of life and self-sufficiency of the people in Southwestern Guatemala through the improvement of health, education, spirituality, and economic conditions.


Our Roots

Guatemala Hope originated in Woodslee, Ontario. Political refugees from El Triunfo, Guatemala inspired the creation of our organization. Volunteers first went to their village of origin to provide critically needed supplies.


Our vision quickly expanded to support their goal of becoming self-sufficient. The organization is managed and operated by an elected board of volunteers. Guatemala Hope coordinates annual trips to monitor ongoing programs and implement new projects as needed. 

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Our Goals

Health Goals:               

  • Continue to improve the El Triunfo Clinic - Add diagnostic equipment/supplies and attach a permanent shade roof for waiting patients.

  • Improve the health of nearby villages by hosting annual medical clinics.

  • Provide needed financial assistance for villagers with medical emergencies

  • Provide clean drinking water to local villages


Housing Goals:           

  • Improve cleanliness & health by pouring cement floors

  • Replace the poorest bamboo huts with cement block homes


Education Goals:      

  • Address critical kindergarten classroom needs in the village of El Tigre

  • Support grade 7, 8 and 9 Basico and post-secondary students with education supplies


Our Impact

The projects we do are in partnership with local village committees and leaders who identify the most essential programs and neediest families. With the support of donors, volunteers, and our communities both here and in Guatemala, we have been able to provide: 

Greatly improved health                           

  • Annual Medical Mission Trips provide free diagnosis, vitamins and medication to over 1,000 patients each year 

  • Thanks to annual worm medicine, children are healthier & more alert in school

  • Families can  get vaccinations & medical assistance at the  El  Triunfo Clinic instead of travelling 2 hours away

  • New clinic has living quarters for an on-site nurse and to attract guest medical personnel

  • Guatemala Hope sponsored 7 El Triunfo Covid-19 Vaccination Clinics to make vaccines accessible

  • Focus on clean water has helped reduce water borne parasites

  • Nebulizers provide year-round relief for asthma attacks

Improved Education

  • Higher education levels have increased income for young people and they are now able to send money home.  This has enabled upgraded housing in El Triunfo and new businesses that have made it a "shopping hub" for other villages

  • We have provide classroom & school supplies, established a small library, and opened a computer lab for students to improve the quality of education      

  • Because of high demand, the Ministry of Education now provides free classes for grades 7, 8, and 9 in El Triunfo

  • Our funding has enabled us to provide Adult Literacy Classes, which have empowered many adults with the ability to read and write

Cement Block Homes and Floors               

  • New cement block homes that replaced bamboo huts, now keep over 80 families dry in the rainy season

  • All 55 bamboo huts and church at El Tigre now have clean, smooth, healthier cement floors

Development Improvements             

  • Focus on Women's Development has provided training in child rearing, sewing, crocheting, and cooking 

  • Farm families who received Irrigation pumps & pipes are now able to grow extra crops in the dry season

  • On-site training has been provided in animal husbandry and agriculture


View Our Projects!

Find out more about our impact on Guatemala by viewing our projects.

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